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Counseling Psychologist

Amanda is an American Marriage and Family Therapist. She has her Bachelor’s degree from St. John’s College Annapolis and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Touro University in California. Amanda has experience working with adolescents, families of adolescents, couples, and adults. She specializes in attachment trauma arising from events such as divorce, death, abandonment, abuse, and infidelity.

Amanda uses Attachment theory as her primary lens through which to understand and heal her clients’ struggles. Attachment theory focuses on the basic needs of human beings to connect with others and be loved. When those needs are met, individuals are able to more easily face the challenges of life. Depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and anger can often link back to an insecure attachment bond in important relationships. An attachment approach to therapy looks first and foremost at these bonds, finding ways to strengthen the connection and security in relationships. This added security increases resiliency in individuals and gives them the strength needed to encounter challenges without being overwhelmed or turning to unhealthy behaviors.

With an attachment lens, Amanda approaches each client holistically, drawing upon various models of therapy, primarily:
      -Emotionally Focused Therapy
      -Attachment Focused Family Therapy
      -Narrative Therapy
      -IMAGO Theory
      -Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy
      -Compassion Focused Therapy
      -Polyvagal Theory
      -Internal Family Systems Therapy
      -Inner Child Healing 

Along with working at nine psychology, Amanda is the Team Leader of the Psychosocial and Mental Health Department of Refuge Egypt, where she develops trauma focused mental health interventions for the refugee community.

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