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Carol Hammal Art Therapist Cairo | nine psychology

Art Psychotherapist 

Carol is an Egyptian art psychotherapist based out of Cairo, Egypt, and Philadelphia, USA. She is Egypt’s first trained art therapist and is considered instrumental in developing the field of art therapy in her home country. She received her Master’s Degree in Art Therapy &Counseling from Drexel University in Philadelphia, which is known to be the first graduate art therapy program in the world. Her thesis topic was about introducing the iPad as an art medium in art therapy. Hammal is a digital art therapy consultant and often guest lectures about digital art therapy tools and their potential integration within clinical & medical settings. She specializes in medical art therapy.

In Philadelphia, she has joined the American Red Cross and has been offering art therapy sessions to disaster victims at the Red Cross House. In Egypt, she continues to help develop the art therapy field in Cairo and hopes to introduce Egypt’s first art therapy graduate degree to help train other Egyptians to pursue their art therapy career. She has primarily practiced art therapy at the Behman Hospital in Egypt within its inpatient and outpatient units. She currently continues to offer art therapy sessions in private practice settings during her frequent visits to Cairo while often guest-lecturing in universities and hospitals to promote the clinical use of art therapy within the region.

Hammal is a member at the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) membership & technology committees and presented a TEDx talk about art therapy’s development in Egypt in 2014.

Carol's recent meeting with United States' Second Lady, Mrs. Pence, discussing the development and progress of Art Therapy in Egypt (January 2018).

Carol Hammal Art Therapist with US second lady Mrs. Pence
Carol Hammal Art Therapist with US second lady Mrs. Pence
Carol Hammal Art Therapist with US second lady Mrs. Pence
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