Sherine Elsharnouby

Behavioral Therapist

Sherine is our Clinic Manager, responsible for operational and clinical policies and day-to-day management of the clinic.  

She is a Canadian-Egyptian certified Behavioral Therapist.



Sherine obtained her Graduate Certificate of Applied Behavioral Sciences at Algonquin College, Canada, and has completed 3 years of postgraduate studies in Neuroscience at Carleton University, Canada.  She holds two undergraduate degrees: a BSc in Psychology from Carelton University, and a BA with specialization in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, Canada.



Sherine worked for a specialist centre in Ottawa, Canada, which provides Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy for children and adults, and support services to families.  Her work included conducting assessments and intensive behavioral therapy sessions, as well as implementing elements of occupational and speech therapy programmes working as part of a multidisciplinary team.  Sherine also worked in private practice as a Lead Behavioural Therapist, specializing in the delivery of behavioural therapy and academic programmes, as well as art and music therapy.

Special Interests: 

Sherine specialises in working with both children and adults who are on the Autistic Spectrum - a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world,  communicate, behave, or interact with others.  She provides  therapy for individuals with learning, speech, socialisation and communication difficulties, as well as life skills deficits, phobias and aggressive behavior.


Therapeutic Approach: 

Sherine follows the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavior Therapy, which is analytical and data-based using direct observation. The goals of therapy are to adjust problem behaviors, as well as to decrease distress and increase functioning by coaching and supporting the client through each step of a task or process until the skill has been acquired and is being maintained.  The client learns through a positive and supportive process of rewarding adaptive and functional behaviours.



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