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Clinical Child Psychologist   

Gina Khalifa is a Clinical Child Psychologist, certified by Leeds Beckett University and registered at Play Therapy International (the foremost international organization) as a Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills in the U.K in 2019. She obtained her master’s degree in psychology from Derby University-U.K, and also completed a diploma in child psychology. She is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Gina had 20 months of intensive training in play therapy conducted by the academy of play and child psychotherapy (APAC). She is passionate about working with kids and teens and has already gained experience in working at clinics and school settings. For younger ages, Gina uses child-centered play therapy to help children to express themselves and process their

experiences. For older children and teens, she uses more directive techniques coupled with cognitive behavioral therapy. She received training in CBT for youth from Beck Institute. Additionally, Gina completed the Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Core training of TF-CBT Therapist Certification Program- USA.


Gina works with a diverse range of issues including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, divorce, and family dysfunction. She also works with children who have disruptive behaviors, are inattentive, hyperactive. She works on developing their confidence, self-esteem, communication, and social skills.

Gina is the first trained therapist who introduces Theraplay practice in Egypt. Theraplay is a dyadic child and family therapy that seeks to develop secure attachments between parents and their children and has been recognized by the Association of Play Therapy as one of seven seminal psychotherapies for children. Theraplay can be effectively

adapted for helping Children who are acting out, angry, non-compliant, withdrawn, depressed, and those with attachment insecurities.

Gina has received several courses in trauma-informed parenting. She helps parents to build healthy attachment relationships with their kids and develop effective ways of dealing with their disruptive behaviors.

As a therapist, Gina offers a safe and understanding space that aims to respect, contain the clients and help them express their feelings and work

through challenges at their own pace.

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