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Clinical Nutritionist 

Shortly after Lina earned her BSc. in Pharmacy & Biotechnology from the German University in Cairo, she pursued her long-life passion for healing by completing a Clinical Nutrition diploma from Ain Shams University. This scientific foundation allowed her to become an effective Clinical Nutritionist who prioritizes the holistic health of her clients over FAD diets and scale measurements.

Lina has had the privilege of working closely with a broad spectrum of clients. She worked with patients who struggled with a variety of lifestyle and diet-related diseases such as pre-diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, anemia, and multiple sclerosis. Her experience was enriched by guiding patients who suffered from Eating and Mental disorders through their wellness journey. As a Nutritionist and a foodie, she strongly believes that real, chemical-free food can become the most effective preventative against most ailments.


Lina is a certified professional Trainer (AUC) who enjoys working as a researcher and moderator with different international development corporations. For instance, GIZ, National Council for Women, UNFPA, UN Women, World Food Program, Communication 4 Development, EU Delegation cluster..etc. She is very passionate about spreading health-related awareness to the masses, in order to empower individuals with evident-based science so they can lead healthy and positive lives. She is currently studying to earn her Masters in Global Public Health Policy and Management, at the American University in Cairo, in the hopes that one day she would be able to influence the overall quality of life for all Egyptians.

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