Counseling Psychologist

Malak earned her MSc in Counseling Psychology from the University of Sheffield and has a Bacholer’s degree in Psychology from the American University in Cairo. She received her training in Al Mashfa hospital working with substance abuse. She also trained at the Behman hospital, where she shadowed a multidisciplinary team on a wide range of cases; presenting with mood disorders, personality disorders, and many more.


Malak's experience is mainly with adolescents and young adults. She deals with clients presenting with low self-esteem, time management, existential crises, adjustment issues, anger problems, mild ADHD, depression, trauma, anxiety, substance use and/or dependency, and interpersonal difficulties.


Malak also worked in several university settings as a counselor and an assistant lecturer. Hence, focusing on teaching, research, and applied psychological sciences in various settings. This enabled her to work with a diverse population of adolescents and young adults on a variety of difficulties.


Malak also adopts an eclectic approach where essential past experiences are approached along with current behaviors and thoughts. She aims to aid clients in understanding themselves in order to reach their true potential.


Malak believes that therapy is a safe space where the client and the therapist can work collaboratively to learn and understand the client’s thought process and feelings. She then uses her experience to tailor a strategy for each individual to help them work towards their goals for personal change.