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Reiki Practitioner & Clinical Psychologist

Nancy got initiated for Reiki II in 2014, in between she was studying psychology believing that energy healing is a complementary approach to psychotherapy, however, she emphasizes that it should not replace medications or any other recommendations by medical professionals.

Nancy’s journey started in 2012 when she was struggling physically and emotionally from permanent fatigue, despite her medical examinations being perfectly fine. And it was the beginning of an interesting journey where she met a beautiful Reiki Master J.R. who accompanied her in her healing for years and initiated Nancy for Reiki, and engraved in her the meaning of helping herself and others. Thanks to J.R, Nancy became a Reiki practitioner and a psychologist.


Nancy earned her bachelor’s degree and her master's degree in clinical psychology from Nice Sophia-Antipolis University in France. She works mainly with survivors suffering from childhood attachment trauma, sexual abuse, and physical violence that lead to many psychological disorders. Throughout her experience, she noticed that trauma survivors experience blockage in different body chakras and meridians, that energy healing support in reducing their stress and anxiety during the therapy process, and it alleviate their psychosomatic struggle. 

Nancy has been practicing clinical psychology for four years, during her clinical practice she has worked in several clinical facilities in France, Tunisia and Egypt. Nancy has worked with a large number of torture, sexual and physical violence survivors, personality disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and in the rehabilitation of psychotic patients. She also has developed stress reduction curriculum for paramedical and medical staff working in dementia nursing facility (Les IRIS) and in emergency department in Pasteur 2 hospital in Nice, France. She also worked for two months in the association des femmes democrates in Tunisia supporting the psychological rehabilitation of women victims of violence. 

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