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Dr Ashraf Adel Psychiatrist Cairo | nine psychology

Counseling Psychologist

Noureen is a counseling psychologist who earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the American University In Cairo. She also earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from AUC.


Noureen provides individual counseling to adolescents and adults and first gained her professional experience from counseling students, staff, faculty, and alumni at the psychology clinic at the American University in Cairo. Her focus is on helping clients with mood, anxiety, personality, and eating disorders. Because she believes that treatment must be tailored to fit the client’s individual and distinct needs, she likes to rely on an eclectic approach in her work, ranging from Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Interpersonal psychotherapy, and the here-and-now approach. 


Noureen has worked in several counseling centers across Cairo. Noureen’s research interests include the development and treatment of anxiety disorders in adolescents and adults and the role of attachment and parenting in the development of psychopathology in young adults.  

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