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Family & Marriage Counselor

Reem received her Master’s of Arts in Counseling, with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy, from Liberty University, in 2022. She started her counseling career at the Johns Hopkins University’s clinical mental health counseling program, where she received extensive training in play and expressive therapy.

Reem attended training on various expressive therapies including sand and play therapies. She then transferred to Liberty University where she finished her degree. She is specialized in using creative techniques to help clients bring their stories nested in their unconsciousness into reality. She received certificates in both Advanced Trauma Treatment, by the Ferentz Institute for advanced psychotherapy training and education, and Narrative Therapy, from The Sand Therapy Training Institute.

Reem utilizes art symbols, play, and sand therapies to help clients of all ages express their pain and emotions as they heal from their traumas. She focuses on empowering parents to deal and connect with their children and also enjoys helping children and teenagers dealing with a variety of life struggles.

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