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Clinical Psychologist

Rita is an Egyptian/Canadian clinical psychologist, who is currently doing her Clinical doctorate degree (PsyD) at California Southern University after earning her Master's degree in Psychology from Harvard University and her bachelor’s degree from the American University in Cairo. She is a member of the BPS (British Psychological Society in the UK) and the APA (American Psychological Association in the US).


Rita has been trained at The Behman Psychiatric Hospital and is qualified to use multiple approaches such as cognitive, behavioral and prolonged exposure therapies. She works with a wide array of clinical disorders and has a special interest in Eating disorders, Personality Disorders, Trauma, Affective disorders and their comorbid complex presentations.


She has expertise in assessing and treating Eating Disorders as she has been trained by the National Center for Eating disorders in the UK (NCFED – Master practitioner for eating disorders and Obesity) and by Fairburn’s CBT-E protocol by Oxford University. She is intensively trained by The Linehan institute in Dialectical behavioral therapy for borderline personality disorder (DBT) and helps clients who struggle with emotional dysregulation through DBT in individual sessions and group therapy. In addition, she has also been trained by Melanie Harold for the DBT-Prolonged exposure protocol for PTSD and trained by Martin Bohus for the DBT- PTSD treatment as well as by Edna Foa for the Prolonged exposure treatment in post-traumatic stress disorder. Rita has also attended a REBT/CBT diploma from the college of cognitive therapies in London organized by CPD-psych and is currently training for EMDR.


Rita uses Virtual Reality techniques in her practice to incorporate new creative and technologically advanced techniques in her practice for the treatment of Anxiety and phobias.


As a fluent English, French and Arabic speaker, she can conduct psychotherapy sessions in the 3 languages.

Living in Egypt, Rita is raising awareness on mental health through social media with the aim of providing more accessible mental health awareness & education in the MENA Region. With the help of the world-class education she received at Harvard, Rita is dedicated to bringing the strongest, most updated, and influential mental health content to the MENA Region.

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