Clinical Psychologist

Rita is an Egyptian/Canadian clinical psychologist, earning her Master's degree in Psychology from Harvard University. After graduating from the American University in Cairo, Rita had the chance to dive into a complete complex journey of self-exploration until she fell in love with psychology and its clinical aspect.


Over the past two years, Rita completed two trainings at The Behman Hospital as well as multiple other voluntary works. she is trained to use multiple approaches such as cognitive, behavioral, and humanistic therapies. She completed a REBT/CBT diploma from the college of cognitive therapies in London, a DBT intensive training by the Linehan institute for borderline personality disorder, DBT-Prolonged exposure for Trauma, CBT-E for eating disorders, and all levels of Eating disorders by the international association of eating disorders professionals. Lastly, she is halfway through the certification to be the second official specialist with this accreditation in Egypt. 


With a passion that started more than 10 years ago, Rita is currently dedicating her life to improving the quality of others’ mental health and mental wellbeing. Her areas of interest and passion are Eating disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Personality disorders, and Affective disorders.


Living in Egypt, Rita is raising awareness on mental health through social media with the aim of providing more accessible mental health awareness & education in the MENA Region. With the help of the world-class education she received at Harvard, Rita is dedicated to bringing the strongest, most updated, and influential mental health content to the MENA Region.


As a fluent English, French and Arabic speaker, she can conduct psychotherapy sessions in the 3 languages. 


Rita is eager to apply my experience and compassion with you as you begin to address issues that will help you to improve your quality of life and attain a sense of fulfillment.