Do I need therapy?

To answer this question there are two dimensions to consider:


1. The first is my level of functioning. Am I not functioning the same as before at work, educationally or socially? Are people around me telling me that? Has this been for quite some time?


2. Second, am I suffering, in pain? Even though I am functioning well. I am in pain. I don't enjoy life the same as before. Has this been for quite some time?


If 1 or 2 is the case, don’t seek help yet unless you've tried seeking help from friends, family or doing things differently.


If the problem persists... Do not hesitate to seek therapy!

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We practice a Holistic Approach, where a person is seen as a whole and with depth; then dealt with on different levels. Integrating different types of therapy and medications when needed...

Anxiety Treatments in Cairo

Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of impending threat. I can suffer from different presentations such as feeling generally anxious, intense panic attacks, phobias and obsessions which I can try to neutralise by compulsive behaviour and others. It's very hard when we feel ashamed of our anxieties. How we blame ourselves for them that we need to be stronger or when others tell us that it's a lack of faith in God. It's a disorder! 

Children Psychology Treatments in Cairo
ADHD Treatments in Cairo

It’s not uncommon for children and young people to experience emotional and behavioural problems which affect their daily lives. These are often a response to difficulties in the family or school, or a stressful event, such as bereavement, bullying, or parental separation. Sometimes for no clear reasons. My role as a parent is to be aware of my child's feelings. Acknowledge these feelings. Not indulge in self-blame or blaming the partner. Seek help if needed. 

Many people (both children and adults) suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is a difficulty in regulating attention (either under or over focus), troublesome hyperactivity and impulsivity or a combination of all these symptoms. 

If undiagnosed and  unmanaged the child's symptoms will be attributed to misbehaving or poor upbringing of the the parents. On the long run we will have a child with low self-esteem, self-blame, poor scholastic performance and being indifferent about it.   

Marital & Couples Therapy Cairo
Depression Treatments in Cairo

There is alot of teaching about relationships, which is highly needed. To keep it simple, the relationship between couples is built upon two pillars and impacted by two underlying influencers. A total of four, Four!
We get into serious trouble if we deal with our relationship with no clear understanding of these four dimensions.
1. How we feel towards each other
2. Compatibility
Underlying influencers: 
1. Significant differences between us
2. Personality defects

Endogenous Depression might also be referred to as ''biologically based'' depression while Exogenous Depression occurs after a stressful or traumatic event takes place.

I would feel depressed, loss of pleasure and interest in most things or dysphoria. Trouble concentrating remembering details and making decisions. Fatigue. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness and helplessness. Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness or sleeping too much. Irritability. Loss of interest in things once pleasurable; including sex. When no negative external events have too place, I don't acknowledge my depression neither do others.