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Certified Dr. in Alternative Medicine & Bioresonance Specialist

Alfred is a board-certified Doctor in Alternative Medicine and an International Bioresonance Specialist. After being healed from a fatal health condition with the use of alternative therapies he grew a strong passion for exploring and studying Holistic Medicine. His initial background in electronic engineering paved the way for him to become an International Specialist in Bioresonance; confidently combining the science of frequencies and energy fields to various techniques of alternative therapies.

Offering a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies, Alfred defines his practice as Vital Integral Therapy “VIT”.  As an expert in Bioresonance Therapy and Amized Fusion Technology “AFT”, he provides treatment plans aiming to restore mental, physical, and emotional balance.


He developed his unique method by skillfully blending his background in science & technology with his years of professional practice in; aromatherapy, acupressure herbal medicine, reflexology, acupuncture, energy balancing, crystal healing, and medical massage. 


Alfred adopts a client-centered approach where he designs specific programs suiting the needs of each client. His modalities intend to provide treatment and prevention for various conditions; mental, physical and emotional. His gentle method of healing aiming to cleanse, strengthen and cultivate energy creates a safe transformative healing space for his clients.

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