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Psychiatrist & CBT Specialist

Dr. Sally Moore (Toma), an Irish-Egyptian Psychiatrist, holds a Master's degree in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Complex Disorders from the UK. With extensive experience in the field of eating disorders/ complex disorders/ PTSD, she has worked as a lecturer at Oxford University and as the head of the Eating Disorders Unit at O7 Therapy. She offers CBT-E training to Psychiatrists, nutritionists and psychologists. Dr. Sally who is based between Egypt and the UK, has completed advanced training in eating disorder therapy with National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCfED) acquiring ED master practitioner diploma in Eating disorders management, nutrition and the Psychological management of Obesity and founded the Egyptian Eating Disorders Initiative (EEDI). Dr. Sally is also working in the UK- NHS, as an Advanced CBT practitioner with Young People and is supervising CBT trainees working with Young People. She is currently on the Schema Therapy Advanced Practitioner accreditation pathway (Schema Therapy Scotland) as Schema Therapy proved effective in dealing with complex disorders that are not responding to other psychological interventions.


In addition to her therapeutic work, Dr. Sally has served as the Medical Coordinator for Médecins du Monde's Mission in Egypt, focusing on integrating mental health services into primary care. She has provided training and consultation to the Ministry of health medical staff, psycho-social workers, and NGOs working with vulnerable populations such as refugees and survivors of violence. Dr. Sally has a special interest in women's mental health struggles.

Dr. Sally currently offers individual and group sessions, specializing in eating disorders, trauma, attachment issues, and personality disorders. She employs a holistic, eclectic, and humanistic integrative approach to therapy, utilizing various techniques such as CBT, CBT-E, Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, Schema therapy, DBT, and dance movement therapy. Dr. Sally believes in empowering individuals and helping them develop the skills to navigate life's challenges, emphasizing that they are not alone on their therapeutic journey.


For Eating difficulties, Dr. Sally oversees the case management and the tailoring of interventions based on your individual needs. She offers an assessment session that lays the groundwork for creating a recovery plan that's tailored specifically to you. The main goal during this session is to conduct a thorough assessment of your eating difficulties and any other related challenges you may be facing. The assessment allows us a complete understanding of your unique needs, symptoms, and goals. Diagnoses are made using guidelines set by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Following the assessment, you will be offered a tailored treatment plan that could involve being seen by clinical psychologists, nutritionists and Dr. Sally as we aim to provide you with the best care possible in a supportive and understanding environment.

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