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Eating Disorders Specialist

Hana is a specialist Psychologist in Eating Disorders and a Registered Associate Nutritionist in the UK. She studied psychology at the American University in Cairo, then completed her Masters of Science in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition at University College London (UCL) with a Distinction. She has completed her clinical placement and training at St. Ann's Hospital NHS within London's outpatient and inpatient adult units. During her training, she attended assessment sessions, intake assessments, physical screenings, and group therapy.

Hana is part of the Egyptian Eating Disorders Initiative (EEDI) on O7, which aims to introduce an integrated and online treatment platform for people living with Eating Disorders and body image concerns in the MENA Region. She strives to heal many of our troubled relationships with our bodies.

Hana believes in having a holistic and eclectic approach to treating eating disorders by focusing with clients on self-acceptance, personal empowerment and validation. She hopes to support clients in exploring contributing factors to their disorder and eventually aid them in changing their thoughts and behaviors that hinder their self-acceptance.

Using evidence-based treatment models, Hana plan to work with clients on valuing themselves as they are and living fully and freely.


She can conduct therapy sessions in Arabic, English and French.

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