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Drama Therapist

Ingi’s passion for theater combined with a genuine motivation to empower women survivors of abuse, led her to the Drama Therapy field. She obtained her Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). During the pursuit of her studies, she developed a great interest in using Therapeutic Theater as a tool of intervention. She directed and facilitated a couple of therapeutic performances among different populations: immigrants, activists and survivors of abuse. In Montreal, she worked at Auberge Transition, a shelter house for survivors of Domestic Violence, where she intervened with both the mothers and their kids.


She returned back to Egypt in 2013, to keep empowering other women in her country by collaborating with “Médecins du Monde”, offering group therapy for “Female Sex workers”. She also collaborated with “Alexandria Regional Centre for Women’s Health and Development” by designing preventive programs for “Emotional Abuse” offered to young females attending public schools. Due to her dedication and continuous effort in this area, she earned the Regional Centre Appreciation Award, in 2016 and 2017 consecutively.


She is currently offering individual sessions, retreats and workshops in Cairo at “nine psychology”. Her work focuses on relationships, addiction, different types of abuse, attachment styles, childhood traumas and individuation. Through adopting the humanistic approach in her interventions, she guides the clients to move safely towards a self-empowerment journey where they can overcome their limiting beliefs to embrace their unique individuality.

The beauty of nature in Egypt inspired Ingi to develop specialized Drama therapy retreats in the Egyptian desert as well as in the Sinai Mountains, where the clients get a chance to explore their own issues embraced by the warmth of nature. The sand, the mountains, and the sea offer a raw organic “Drama Space” where different themes are creatively explored.


Recently, Ingi accomplished her studies at Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening to become a Teacher of Presence. She incorporates the concept of “Presence” in her therapeutic interventions.


Ingi offers her therapy sessions in Arabic, English and French.

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