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Drama Therapist, Yoga instructor & Reflexologist 

Ingi's first steps into the wellness field started in 2006 when she joined a yoga teaching program with Indian Master Dr. Maden Bali. The “Bali Method” was approved in Montreal, based on research studies, for women with Breast cancer, supporting them during and after the treatment process. Her psychology studies at “Université de Québec à Montréal” allowed her to become an assistant to Dr. Bali in 2009, during his programs and retreats in the U.S and Canada. This unique chance combined with her psychology background opened her eyes to the importance of the Holistic approach in healing physical, emotional, and mental illness. Accordingly, she decided to study reflexology and obtained her training certificate from Ottawa, Canada.


Both Yoga and Psychotherapy helped Ingi to heal and find meaning to her own psychological wounds. She strongly believes that our wounds forge our missions. Being a survivor of emotional abuse she developed a genuine motivation to empower other women struggling in abusive relationship patterns. In 2011, her passion for theatre combined with her desire to offer adequate psychological support to survivors of abuse, led her to the Drama Therapy path. She obtained her Master's degree in the department of Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada).  During the pursuit of her Master's degree, Ingi developed a great interest in using Therapeutic Theatre as a mean of intervention. She directed and facilitated 4 therapeutic performances among different population: immigrants, activists and victims of Domestic Violence.  In Montreal, she used to work at Auberge Transition, a shelter house for women victims of Domestic Violence.


Upon her return to Egypt, she continued her mission to empower other women by collaborating with “ Médecins du Monde”,  through offering a support group for “ Female Sex workers”. She also collaborated with “Alexandria Regional Centre for Women’s Health and Development” to design  a preventive program for “ Emotional Abuse” for young female attending secondary school. Due to her dedication and continuous effort in this area she earned the Regional Centre Appreciation Award, in 2016 and 2017.

As a Drama Therapist Ingi is offering individual sessions, retreats and workshops. Her work focuses on relationships, different types of abuse, childhood attachment traumas, , inner- child healing, self-destructive behaviors and individuation. Through adopting a holistic approach in her interventions, she guides her clients to move safely from a victim mindset toward  a self- love journey where they can embrace their unique individuality.

Her strong passion for learning allowed her to tap recently into the energy healing field by studying pranic healing and Reiki. She is continuously incorporating different alternative healing modalities in her interventions to support her clients’ inner growth and spiritual evolution.

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