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Clinical & Therapeutic Nutritionist / DBT therapist for Emotional eating & eating disorders

Israa Taher is a highly experienced nutrition specialist, she customizes diet plans according to each individual separately after the anthropometric, biochemical, caloric, dietary assessment & psychological assessment. She earned her BA in Pharmaceutical Science at Mansoura University. She completed her diploma in clinical & therapeutic Nutrition Faculty of Pharmacy Mansoura University. Israa is a DBT trainer in Massar Dubai for Psychotherapy. She pursued a certificate in DBT skills training for groups in Massar Mental Health clinics from EMI, a certificate of completion the CBT-E for eating disorders with Egyptian Eating Disorders Initiative, and a certificate of completion Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Training Individual DBT Sessions - Skill Training Group - Phone coaching - Therapeutic Consultation Meeting from EMI.

Israa has years of experience in dealing with clients & patients having eating disorders and emotional eating. She is a highly skilled DBT (DIALECTICAL BEHAVIORAL THERAPY) trainer/therapist providing integrative psychotherapy nutrition sessions to the clients.

Israa works on managing obesity and underweight in adults, adolescents and children, managing weight for pregnant and lactating mothers, and managing emotional eating and eating disorders. She provides motivational support in the journey of weight management, helps patients accept themselves and change their distorted self-image & body image, helps them change their mindsets into newer healthier ones, and helps them build new habits to develop a new healthy lifestyle physically and psychologically. Israa teaches patients new methods and DBT skills to deal with urges and fix the relationship with food into normal.

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