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Clinical Psychologist

Noha has obtained her degree in Clinical Psychology from Sussex University, in England followed by her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, from California Southern.

She is trained in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) as well as the psychodynamic approach, which is focused on the family and upbringing. Her clinical experience includes working with patients in the U.K., where she lived for eight years. This gave her insight into multicultural issues and personal differences. She gained experience at Behman Hospital, dealing with a wide range of mental disorders.

Her area of specialization is Post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders. In addition, she has an extensive understanding of issues related to eating challenges, grief therapy, anxiety disorders, and relationship difficulties.

Noha works with adults 30+ years old, she is trained in motivating patients on issues related to self-image, body image, relationship concerns, self-esteem issues, and finding better coping strategies. 

Treatment methods that she offers are CBT in a non-judgmental and safe environment. Noha uses therapeutic techniques such as the ‘here and now ‘ to explore how we relate to others, the world, and ourselves.

On a personal level, Noha is a long-time 'siddhi' meditator and is highly experienced in mindfulness and meditation practices. She uses these techniques in the psychotherapeutic setting by focusing on solution-based strategies. Mindfulness practices works especially well for anger management, mood disorders, anxiety and eating disorders.,

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