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Clinical Psychologist   

Yasmin Samir is a Doctorate Candidate in Existential Psychotherapy at New School of Psychotherapy and Counseling in London, UK. Yasmin earned her Master degree in psychology from Derby university, England. Yasmin received different clinical training at different Hospitals where she shadowed a multidisciplinary team on a wide range of cases and she has been a Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) in the UK since 2015.


Yasmin completed her training on different therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioral approach from Beck Institute, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) intensive training from Linehan Institute training  “offering DBT individual and group sessions targeting borderline personality disorder and emotional regulation, Schema Therapy from ISST, Compassionate Inquiry for trauma by Gabor Mate, DBT PTSD Dr. Martin Bohus, Acceptance and commitment therapy and Motivational Interviewing.


Over the past years Yasmin has been working with adolescents, young adults, adults and families providing counseling and psychotherapy for a multitude of issues including well-being, trauma, personality disorder, eating disorder, anger management, self-harm, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, panic disorders, OCD, ADHD, grief and loss, family dysfunction, conflict resolution and different experience in sports counselling. In addition, Yasmin is frequently asked to deliver educational presentations and workshops at various settings to address various teen and parenting issues.


Her unique background and experience in counseling for different educational institutions and in different counselling settings, from organizations, schools, hospitals and clinic added to her experience of working with this age group and their families.


She worked on different social, emotional, and mental wellbeing programs and researches focused on helping students learn and acquire the competencies and skill​​s they need to build and effectively manage their emotions, behavior, and relationships with others Promoting mental health and wellbeing.


Yasmin is a certified positive discipline parenting coach from the Positive Discipline Association in the US. Alongside, she has completed a number of significant diplomas: a diploma in education from AUC, character education diploma (Teaching Teens social and emotional skills program) from San Diego university. 

Yasmin’s aim is to strongly support her clients in their Journey of personal growth, discovering their personal strengths, capabilities, overcoming challenging experiences, and empowering them with the life skills they need to control their lives and achieve a better quality of life they deserve. Using different modalities of psychotherapy in the treatment plan depending on the needs of the individual. Yasmin also uses Mindfulness, self-reflection and relaxation techniques in her practice in order to develop self-knowledge, emotional regulation and skill building.

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